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10U Slow Pitch focuses on the fundamental softball skills of hitting, fielding, throwing and base running with the emphasis on player safety and fun.

10U Slow Pitch is an instructional league for girls 9 & 10 years of age as of September 1st. No prerequisite league or experience is required.

Players pitch for their team from a distance of 35 or 40 feet. Base distance is 60 feet.

10U Slow Rules and Expectations:
  • 1 player per position; C, P, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, LC, RC, RF
  • Pitcher position should wear heart guard and have at least 1 foot inside the circle until the ball has been pitched.
  • All "outfield position" players must be at the grass or at a minimum of one foot in the grass at the start of the pitch.
  • Max 7 Innings
  • Coach or Assistant coach must keep score.
  • 3 outs or 5 run mercy, whichever is first, and then the other team is up to bat.
  • 11” size softballs are to be used.
  • Every defensive player must wear a face mask at all times.
  • Helmets are required for batters, base runners, and batters on deck.
  • Teams will be given the option to pitch from either thirty-five (35) or forty (40) feet.  
  • Arc of the pitch will be six (6) to twelve (12) feet from the ground.
  • Once a pitcher has thrown ball 4 to any batter in an inning, the following rules will be applied:
A coach from the batting team will come into pitch the remainder of the at bat.
a.     The batter will retain the number of strikes.
b.     The arc of the pitch from the coach must remain six (6) to (12) twelve foot arc.
c.     The coach will have up to four pitches to complete the at bat.
d.     If a pitch from the coach results in a swinging 3rd strike or any other out, the at bat is over and an out recorded for the batting team, regardless of the number of pitches the coach has thrown.
e.     If the batter fails to make contact with the ball on the fourth pitch, she will be out.
f.      The umpire does not call coach pitches balls or strikes.
g.     If the 3rd strike is fouled off, the batter continues to bat until the ball is put in play, she fails to swing at pitch four or greater, or the batter is out.
h.     Once the batter’s turn is complete, the pitcher may reenter the game for the next batter, or another pitcher may take the mound.

All practices and home games will be held at the Brewer Front Field (Moon Park), the Brewer Back Field (Moon Park), Devenzio Field (Moon Park), or Whispering Woods Field (Bon Meade).   

Away games will be held at location of other league participants.


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